• Q:When does submission commence?
    A:Submissions commence from 6th May 12:00pm (GMT +8) onwards. Kindly visit https://adsjic.innovation-challenge.sg for more details.
  • Q:When is the deadline for submission?
    A:The submission deadline is 29th July 4:00pm (GMT+8).
  • Q:Who is eligible to participate in the challenge?
    A:This challenge is open to all Singapore enterprises and solution providers, including, research institutes and Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs). Please refer to the Eligibility Criteria on the home page for more details.
  • Q:How can I participate in the challenge?
    A:Read through the challenge statement of interest, then click on the Login to Submit Proposal button on the side of the page to submit your proposal.
  • Q:What is the funding support?
    A:Eligible innovators can apply for Enterprise Singapore's Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). You can find out more about the grants here.
  • Q:How would I know if my application is shortlisted?
    A:We aim to inform shortlisted participants via email by mid-October 2021 with instructions on the next steps. However, the timeline may be subject to changes depending on prevailing circumstances.
  • Q:What are your policies on intellectual property ("IP") protection and confidentiality obligations?
    A:The participant is solely responsible for the protection of IP rights in his/her/its submission. Once an application is submitted and selected for trial with the Challenge Statement Owner, the protection of IP rights in the submission shall be privately agreed between the Challenge Statement Owner and the participant. Enterprise Singapore (ESG) will not request for a stake in the IPs developed. If you would like to share IP rights which may contribute to the value proposition of the developed solution, you are advised to obtain appropriate legal advice prior to making any disclosures to the Challenge Statement Owner.
  • Q:I am currently filing a patent for this submitted solution; can I check if my submitted proposal is treated confidential?
    A:IPI acknowledges that the information provided by companies in the proposals could be sensitive and will ensure that such information is handled with care. However, we do not advise companies to submit information deemed confidential.

    The companies should not disclose any information relating to the provisional patent until after it has been filed. Despite that, it is advisable that the participant exercises caution in disclosing only necessary information for the purpose of submitting his/her/its proposal. This is because there is no assurance that the participant’s concept, after converting to a patent application, would be granted eventually to offer him/her/it the needed protection, especially if what was filed was just an idea/concept. Therefore, IPI advises the participant to either approach IPOS or engage a patent attorney for professional advice.
  • Q:What support from the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) would qualifying Singaporean companies for the Innovation Challenge be eligible for?
    1. Investor Care Services: ADIO will provide eligible companies with end-to-end support during the business setup phase of their investor journey in Abu Dhabi
           • Data: Providing information on all aspects of doing business in Abu Dhabi, including data on the economy and focus sectors.
           • Licensing & Permits: Providing insight into applicable laws and regulations, as well as assistance obtaining economic licences and operating permits.
           • Real Estate: Identifying cost-effective solutions for office space, industrial activities and connection to brokers for employee accommodation.
           • Talent & Visas: Helping investors tap into sources of local talent, as well as obtain residency visas for their international workforce.
           • Banking & Finance: Introduction to local banking partners to expedite setting up bank accounts and financing options.

    2. Incentive Instruments: ADIO supports eligible businesses with innovation at the core using financial and non-financial incentives to help ensure long-term, sustainable success in the market and across the region. These include rebates and grants to support investments in innovation

    3. Abu Dhabi Ecosystem Partners: ADIO can connect Singaporean companies to partner entities across the Abu Dhabi ecosystem to access equity investment, investment opportunities and other incentives
  • Q:What is Hub71 and its incentive program?
    A:Supported by leading technology companies, venture capital funds, exceptional talent and the Abu Dhabi government’s accelerator programme ‘Ghadan 21’, Hub71 enables a community of technology innovators and provides access to capital, market and talent – all required to help start-ups and entrepreneurs develop, scale and build transformational businesses.

    The Hub71 incentive programme is designed to facilitate ease of doing business and reduce the setup costs for start-ups. Start-ups at various stages get access to a menu of grants covering free housing, office space, health insurance, among others.

    Companies that will be considered for the Hub71 incentive should meet as many of the following criteria as possible:
           • Be high-growth tech companies
           • Offer disruptive technologies
           • Target a large user base or potential pool revenue
           • Provide transformative technologies or business models
           • Set up a meaningful presence (the majority of the team including engineering capabilities) at Hub71
           • Secured VC funding in the last three years

    Applications are open and can be accessed through Hub71’s website https://www.hub71.com. There are four cohorts a year where the selection committee meets and selects the start-ups eligible for the incentive program.